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The Voice of New Jersey Medical Transportation

Member Code of Ethics

Medical Transportation Association of New Jersey

Member Code of Ethics

Adopted February 2024

The Code of Ethics highlights the shared commitment of Medical Transportation Association of New Jersey members to delivering quality patient care, conducting business with integrity and transparency, and serving the community.

MTANJ members commit to:

Quality Patient Care

  • Prioritize patient-first ethics, ensuring quality and medically necessary care.
  • Treat patients and staff with respect, kindness, and dignity.
  • Maintain patient confidentiality and privacy at all times in accordance with HIPAA and other laws.
  • Obtain informed consent, respect patients' rights, and ensure continuity of care.

Organizational Integrity and Transparency

  • Uphold honesty and integrity in all communications and record-keeping.
  • Avoid and disclose conflicts of interest.
  • Adhere to legal and regulatory standards, including  but not limited to those of Medicare, Medicaid, and the New Jersey Office of Emergency Medical Services.
  • Ensure accurate financial reporting.
  • Maintain a robust compliance program to monitor adherence to standards and regulations.

Community Service and Professional Conduct

  • Commit to serving the community's needs with professional and ethical conduct.
  • Avoid discrimination and embrace diversity in providing patient care.
  • Maintain professionalism in all aspects of operations and communications.

Adherence to these principles is required for continued membership to the association.

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